Monday, June 11, 2018

Prayer is Key Introduction.

                                         About Donna 

Before we go any further you need to know that  I am a cherished child of the Most High God who believes that Jesus Christ is our LORD and Savior!

I am number six out of seven children, not the oldest and not the baby either! I was the quiet and shy child who was very studious and could get lost in a good book! We were brought up old school and on Sunday you went to church or you could do anything else! I learned about God early in my life, but it was not until I was in my twenties that I began a personal relationship and journey with God! On this journey I found that one of the gifts God blessed me with is to be a prayer warrior!

I have found out that prayer has helped through many circumstances in my life! It is a game changer! Without a doubt I know that my God is the God of the impossible! He has proved it time after time! The fact that I am writing this blog is proof of that!

It is my ardent hope that on this blog you will get a sense of the peace, love and joy God has for you through the prayers and articles posted!

                                   Purpose for Prayer is Key 

Prayer is a conversation that you have with God! It is all about the relationship you have with your Abba Father! It is a dialogue not a list of requests. Through my many years of praying to God through joy, pain, hurt, struggle, pain and the miraculous I have learned that God yearns to have conversations with His children. We can talk, ask and request however we MUST also listen!
On this blog you will learn different kinds of prayers, why we should continually pray, prayers that God gifts me with to share with you and anything else the Holy Spirit leads me to do!

This is not my blog but God’s.  I am just the tool that He is using to spread the word about how much He loves us!